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Refund procedures are dictated by audit rules where refunds have to be made corresponding to the mode of payment when tickets were purchased.

For example, credit card accounts will be automatically credited (refunded) directly for cancelled events paid for using credit cards. For cash transactions, stringent cash security rules have to be met. Most times large sums of cash are required to fulfill refund requirements. In a major refund exercise many counters may also be required to provide prompt service. In addition, audit controls require a strict refund verification procedure.

The show organiser will typically inform the public, usually through announcements in the major media channels or via e-mail. For both postponements and

cancellations, refund services are available and instructions will be communicated

For cancelation or refund u can call us on +91-9152433433 or mail us on [email protected] can meet all these requirements and provide dedicated counters to efficiently fulfill all refund obligations.

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