Makes you believe in the impossible!

The Award-winning website recently reviewed Nicolai Friedrich’s performance at Esplanade Theatre, Singapore.

Can a single rope have four ends? Then go on to become an endless loop with zero ends?

For most of us, it probably sounds impossible.

Not for Nicolai Friedrich, however, who performed that exact trick to an impressed audience during his show at Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay yesterday night (May 7).

Previously, he had wowed the Stomp Team when he correctly predicted Thursday’s TOTO results, having gotten every winning number right.

The German mentalist said we only think something is impossible because of the way our brains perceive things to be and how “perception is limited”, before confidently promising to “blow our minds”.

This is a promise that he delivered throughout the night with an array of captivating tricks and illusions, while spectators watched in fascination.

Nicolai Friedrich in the Streets of Singapore

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