Lets Blame It On Yashraj!

Lets Blame It On Yashraj!

A well educated girl from a well settled bengali family falls in love with a muslim guy, and what follows this is the comical story of Blame It On Yashraj. A comical portrayal of a family caught up in the whirlwind of their daughter’s wedding which gets bigger and bigger by the day as the day of the wedding arrives. Blame It On Yashraj makes a two hour run of poking fun at our prejudice, our peculiar – almost feverish behaviour while planning a wedding, the theme, the invitee list, the wedding trousseau, the menu, the decor, extravagant gifts, exotic honeymoons and most importantly a constant reminder that you have finally to bow down before the almighty- Indian cinema!

Blame It On Yashraj plays by tackling the quintessential perceptions we hold about the concept of a typical hindi cinema dramatised wedding, through the spectacle of a rib-tickling story of a girl wanting to marry a muslim boy. The journey that happen, from girl to boy and their families before they tie the knot, is a series of a larger-than-life, vibrant and glamorous preparations, with every aspect of logistics concerning the wedding. Until, it culminates into a full blown cinema style marriage, and guess who is to blame?! Blame it on Yashraj!

Blame It On Yashraj smartly play forward the social prejudice and attitudes through humor. It’s a fun script that makes a good representation of mixed marriages in india and the booming wedding industry in India. The humor in the play comes not from gags, but from the ‘I have seen, I have said that, I have experienced that in my family! feeling. From the regular traditional ceremonies, gatherings that make you startle at the flamboyant display of wealth, Indian weddings have definitely come a long way. Hasn’t bollywood made you to desire a look-alike of a masala six-day wedding! From movies like Hum Aapke Hain Kaun that set the tempo for the great bollywood wedding masala. Other films like Band Baja Barat added more glamour and glitter to on-screen weddings. These Yashraj films became a trendsetter among the wedding dreamers. Such trends were soon cashed in by savvy business people who saw big opportunity and money to be made in the great indian wedding. So the streetsmart mandapwala was redundant. It was time to say welcome to the wedding planner. This brought in a new game play in this process of getting married. Stepping ahead from being a moment of celebration, getting married became an event to be outmatched. Ashvin Gidwani’s Blame It On Yashraj is a comical take on the big Inidan wedding, spiked with romance.

The cast is ably led by Ananth Mahadevan. With one of the most stand out performances, his very first monologue at the start of the play, sets the right tone for the sequence of acts that follow right after it. With perfect timing with comedy, dialogue delivery and voice projection, he stands as a veteran in the acting scene today. The loud and overpowering role of the mother played by the very talented Jayati Bhatia is brilliantly done. She is a live-write on stage, just as much as she is on screen. With Anchal Sabharwal, Punit Tejwani, Smita Hai, Gaurav Sharma, Palash Dutta & Neel Gagdan as other cast members, Ashvin Gidwani’s Blame It On Yashraj raise the bar on an out and out entertaining show. Blame It On Yashraj will make you want to sing, dance and fall in love, in a manner that you can only hold Yashraj films responsible for.

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